You'll gain insights and explore possibilities; and you'll discover that you are able to achieve things that you did not think possible. And as NLP master practitioners we'll incorporate NLP tools and techniques into the coaching process where relevant, in a way that will give you benefits lasting well beyond the coaching session.

Personal Development

To help you work out what you want and develop strategies to achieve the things that are important to you. We'll help you understand your strengths and your development needs in relation to your outcomes, and can use tools such as MBTI to help this process.

Sounding board

You may have a specific outcome to achieve - it might be a challenging project, a change to implement, or a major presentation to deliver. Use us as a sounding board, to help you sense check your plans, to think through the wider issues, and to test out you skills and approaches.


Imagine you're delivering a major presentation. Your audience is attentive - they are fully focussed on you and listening to your every word. You notice their reaction; thoughtful, smiling, nodding in agreement. You hear your own voice, you sound animated, confident, interesting. And you feel calm, sure and congruent... you're even beginning to enjoy yourself! One to one coaching can help you develop the skills and techniques to make this a reality.

Tackling a new challenge

Sometimes you take on a challenge for which no one has yet written the road map it can feel daunting. We'll help you shine a light on the path, so that you can decide the route, and the destination.

Re-balancing your priorities

In our busy lives there are many competing demands on our attention. If we're not careful we can find ourselves spending time and energy on things that are not important to us, or even conflict with our ideas of who we are and the lives we want to live. We can help you focus on what is important, and develop strategies to balance your energy and attention in a way that is more rewarding to you and those around you.

Training Courses

We'll stretch you, gently, to get you to where you want to be, and maybe a step further. We want you to leave a Learning Processes event feeling confident and motivated.
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Consultancy & Audit

We can work with you and your organisation to help you get clear about your outcomes and how to achieve them, and we'll agree with you how we can best work together.
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