We are skilled and competent auditors, and we're people people. That means that we conduct rigorous audits that provide compelling evidence, and we take your people with us, so they find the process supportive, and are motivated to take action.

We'll listen without judgement to what people have to say, we'll gather information and data and piece it all together to give your clear answers and practical suggestions.

Change Audits

Find out how your change project is doing, for real. Where are the shining stars, and what are the blocks and barriers?

Policy Audits

Are your policies translated into tangible actions and behaviours, or are they just nice words?

Training Evaluation Audits

Find out whether your learning and development initiatives are making a difference.

Management Systems Audits

We can audit your processes against your management systems objectives and find out what's working and what's not, and give you some solid ideas of where you can improve the way you do things and the results you achieve.

Coaching & NLP

There are lots of reasons you might choose one to one coaching. Whatever your reasons, we guarantee you'll feel listened to, supported and appropriately challenged. find out more

Training Courses

We'll stretch you, gently, to get you to where you want to be, and maybe a step further. We want you to leave a Learning Processes event feeling confident and motivated.
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