You can look forward to a Learning Processes training event. You'll find the atmosphere relaxed and informal, yet at the same time stimulating and thought provoking. We'll stretch you, gently, to get you to where you want to be, and maybe a step further. We want you to leave a Learning Processes event feeling confident and motivated.

We encourage you to be fully involved in your learning. You'll experience a wide variety of training methods and activities that you'll find engaging and enjoyable. We strive to make the complex simple and accessible. You'll hear clear explanations and discuss relevant examples. We'll show you practical tools and techniques that you'll find easy to apply.

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Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership skills
Core people skills that will improve your effectiveness and influence as a manager and inspiring leader.
Communicating to Influence
Interpersonal skills that will enable you communicate with impact, influencing others and bringing them with you.
Powerful Presentations
Develop engaging presentations that hit just the right note and deliver them with confidence and self-belief.
Myers Briggs (MBTI) Workshop
Develop insights into different personality types, gain self awareness and understand how to engage effectively with others.

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Management Systems

Management Systems for Business Managers
How to get your management system working for you and your business, cost effectively.
Learn the skills to carry out internal and supplier audits that make a difference
Understanding ISO 9001
Understanding ISO 18001
A simple and practical guide to these management system standards for quality and health and safety that will be much more interesting and enjoyable that you might expect!

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Trainer Skills

Training Fundamentals
Learn a structured approach to developing high impact training, and develop the confidence to deliver training that engages and inspires.
Training skills for subject matter experts
How to make your passion and expertise accessible to others
Accelerated Learning
Design and deliver training that is stimulating, enjoyable and that makes learning quick and easy, by applying the principles of accelerated learning and appealing to multiple intelligences.
Participative Methods
Learn how to involve learners fully in their learning, and transform dry topics into stimulating and enjoyable learning journeys.
Evaluating Training
Find out what impact your learning interventions have, using simple yet rigorous approaches.
Designing Learning Solutions
A structured approach to developing creative and effective solutions for learning needs.
NLP For Trainers
Use NLP to make your training sessions even more rewarding and enjoyable for learners and yourself.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

An Introduction to NLP
Clear and simple explanations of what NLP is, and tools and techniques you can use right away.
Coaching with NLP
Using NLP models and techniques to coach others.
NLP Practitioner
For those wanting an in-depth knowledge of NLP and the ability to skilfully use a broad range of tools.

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Consultancy & Audit

We can work with you and your organisation to help you get clear about your outcomes and how to achieve them, and we'll agree with you how we can best work together.
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Coaching & NLP

There are lots of reasons you might choose one to one coaching. Whatever your reasons, we guarantee you'll feel listened to, supported and appropriately challenged. find out more